Our Work

Traffic Generation

Channel Clarity understands traffic. Our multi-channel approach drives traffic from a broad array of sources, including PPC, SEO, affiliate, social media, email and direct mail.


We specialize in maximizing the performance of online traffic.  Our methodical, multivariate testing approach ensures the highest per-click conversion rate possible.  Our in-house design staff is constantly evaluating new online layouts so we can better understand and act on our customers’ behavior.  We benefit from years of experience and have developed a suite of proprietary tools to evaluate our progress.


We understand that a lead-generation company is only as good as its data.  Our desire is to be the leader in quality and consistency in each of our verticals.   To achieve our mission, we knew we had to get close to our clients’ prospects.

We maintain a 130 employee call center that makes over 25,000 outbound prospect calls per day.  Our highly-qualified representatives are trained to understand the customer’s intent and ensure productive value-added candidate discussions in each of our media verticals.

Affiliate Marketing

As our traffic has grown, so has our reputation in the affiliate marketing industry.  Clients and partners can work with Channel Clarity to broaden their offer exposures to high-quality candidates.   Our clients benefit from the latest statistical tracking tools and API services.

Our network of sites registers over 40k new users each day, adding to our rapidly expanding customer database that is now over 10m unique names. 

To find out more information about what Channel Clarity can offer your company please feel free to contact us.