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A Different Kind of Content Platform

Channel Clarity has developed an Content platform that provides unprecedented lifestage and life event targeting capabilities.

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Clarity Marketing Platform

Built for Scale

The Clarity Platform unifies customer data and seamlessly orchestrates the interaction of our marketing technology components with our ever-growing network of targeted content delivery systems.

Channel Clarity’s self-service advertising network allows advertisers to select the audience attributes most relevant to their business, choose placements and personas, manage bids, and track performance.

The Content Network is a collection of proprietary websites focused on various life stages and events, serving hyper-targeted offers provided by our advertisers.

The Dynamic Content Server optimizes web pages and emails with relevant and engaging content.

The Predictive Emailer determines the topic and timing of the next message to send each individual.

The Dynamic Ad Server determines the topic and creative of each ad unit displayed to an individual.

The Dynamic Data Router ensures form submissions are delivered to the matched advertiser.

The Recommendation
Engine powers the other components by identifying user and content clusters.

The Dynamic Traffic Router redirects users to the advertiser who closely matches the individual.

Clarity Content Network

Built for Insight

The Clarity Content Network comprises a suite of sites with targeted articles helping and educating our subscribers across a variety of life stages including:

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Career Advice
  • Government Resources and Programs

A single visit to one of our sites is enough to generate actionable consumer insights, but users may also choose to fill out a form that will connect them to a professional specializing in the particular area the site targets. This user-submitted data is far richer than anything gleaned by other tracking and analytic methods, and is used to further refine user profiles and improve the relevancy of our content.

  • Targeted Properties

    We have developed an ecosystem of lifestage-specific properties that allows the platform to gain insights into individual consumer needs and preferences.

  • Engaged Visitors

    We understand the relationships, behavioral cues and timing between lifestage transitions, and we proactively begin marketing relevant services to our visitors ahead of the competition.

  • First-party Data Attributes

    Our users provide 100% of the attributes we possess on an opt-in basis, thus eliminating any risk of privacy issues.

Clarity Engagement Algorithms

Built for Segmentation

Our algorithms incorporate user data to score, segment and predict behavior. We factor in:

  • Behavior
  • Demographics
  • Device
  • Lifestage
  • Location
  • Channel
  • Weather
  • Daypart

Building marketing segments of one, through machine learning.

Using a combination of machine learning algorithms and predictive models developed by our data scientists, Channel Clarity algorithmically determines the optimal timing, channel, and content of the next interaction.

  • Thousands of Data Attributes

    Exclusive first-party data combines with transactional behavioral data to provide a view into current consumer needs and preferences.

  • Millions of Content Sequences

    Each consumer receives marketing messages in a unique, custom-tailored multi-channel sequence.

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